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primogems are the payment currency of Genshin Impact, which you will need to make wishes and unlock new characters or weapons.
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Apr 2, 2023
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primogems are the payment currency of Genshin Impact Free Primogems, which you will need to make wishes and unlock new characters or weapons.

Many of the Genshin Impact currencies, such as Mora or many of the materials, can be obtained by playing. But if you want to unlock new Genshin Impact characters, including five-star characters like Diluc, Klee, or Raiden, you will need Fate Encounters and Intertwined Fates that are purchased with primogems.

After making a wish, you will receive Stardust and Stardust, which can be exchanged for Fate Encounters and Intertwined Fates. But the main way to get them is with primogems.

You can get primogems by completing various activities in the game or by using real money to buy Genesis Crystals, which can be converted into primogems with the same value (60 Genesis Crystals are worth 60 primogems).

Genesis Crystals are good for other types of content, including alternate costumes for characters, which can only be redeemed with Genesis Crystals.

Genshin Impact: The Proven Way to Get primogems Without Spending a Dime :

There are many ways to get free primogems just by playing, so if you’re willing to save up to unlock a new five-star character (keep in mind that each campaign lasts about three weeks), you’ll be able to make wishes often without opening your wallet.

Hoyoverse also offers primogems to celebrate events like its anniversary, and also offers free Protogem codes on special occasions, as well as compensating for server maintenance times during updates.

The surest way to get free primogems is through Daily Missions, which are unlocked when you reach Adventure Rank 12.

You can receive four Daily Missions every day. They are usually easy to complete and each one will give you 10 primogems. When you have completed all of them, talk to Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild and she will give you another 20 primogems, so you can always get 60 primogems a day.

Free Primogems

there are many other ways to get free primogems:

  • Complete Archon (main campaign) or Story (characters) missions (60 primogems each; note that the Archon chapters are divided into several parts and each one can give you primogems).
  • Complete quest objectives in the Adventurer’s Handbook. Each chapter will give you 50-150 primogems. Like the campaign quests, you can only get them once.
  • Unlocking a new teleport point will usually give you 5 primogems.
  • Get in-game achievements, either for completing missions or for getting a combat feat. When you get the achievement, select the Achievements icon in the menu and you will be able to get primogems. Depending on the achievement, you will get 5-20 primogems.
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  • Open chests. There are thousands hidden around Teyvat, some rarer than others. Opening a common chest will give you only 2 primogems, but if you manage to find a chest of maximum rarity you will get about 10-40 primogems.
  • Try an event character. These are very short missions, they will allow you to test new characters if you haven’t unlocked them yet and you will receive 20 primogems for your time.
  • Participate in temporary event quests and challenges. They are usually launched around an update and will give you many opportunities to get free primogems. You can get about 400 primogems per event. For example, if you play a mini-challenge, you will get the primogems for reaching bronze, not gold.
  • Check all the tutorials. Each one will give you 1 Primogem, but you’ll get less than a stone!
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Considering that story missions will take you a long time, that many of their rewards are only given out once, and that event missions are unlocked as the event progresses, there really isn’t a single, surefire way to farm primogems beyond the daily missions.

However, if you get into the game often, you should get enough primogems for 10 runs for each period, although players who want to get the five-star characters may have to resort to real money.

What are primogems used for?

primogems are mainly used to buy Fates, necessary for making wishes.

Intertwined Fates are used for limited event rolls, while Fate Encounters are used to make wishes for normal rolls. Each one costs 160 Genshin Impact Free Primogems.

There is no time limit for the standard rolls and you can get a multitude of four-star characters (and some five-star characters such as Diluc, Keqing, and Mona), if you want to get the latter characters, you will have to save the primogems for the limited event rolls.


Anyway, don’t ignore the normal rolls because you will be able to make wishes without spending primogems.

In the free version of the Battle Pass you will have the chance to get free Fate Encounters every 10 levels. Fate Encounters can be obtained by exchanging Stardust or Stardust from previous wishes, although this also works for Intertwined Fates.

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It is not recommended to make a wish as soon as you have enough primogems. If you wait to make 10 wishes at a time (1600 primogems), you are guaranteed a four-star character or a better item (it can be a character or a weapon).

In addition to wishes, you can spend primogems on refilling Resin, a resource needed to get rewards from challenges such as final bosses, as well as allowing you to speed up your progress in the Battle Pass.

However, if you intend to play Genshin Impact Free Primogems without spending real money, we recommend that you only use primogems for wishes. The Resin is fully recharged in less than 24 hours. If you log in daily and play in batches of one or two, you will have enough to do while getting primogems.


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